Co-Producer/Sound Designer: Roar Skau Olsen

Co-Producer/Sound Designer: Roar Skau Olsen

Since Roar graduated from the highly acclaimed National Danish Film-school (hailing such alumnus as Lars von Trier), he has worked on more than 70 productions in both feature films, documentaries and television.

Roar is one of the few sound mixers/engineers capable of seeing a project through all levels of production, which he  has proven as location-mixer on multiple feature shoots as well as the inauguration of President Barrack Obama in Washington DC.  He also served as the sound-recordist on the documentary POLLIWOOD by Barry Levinson and as sound-designer, handling the track laying and re-recording of the luscious and compelling sound for internationally prize winning Danish features like Terribly Happy, Rosa Morena and Skyscraper.  Roar Skau Olsen has founded one of the leading sound facilities in Denmark and together with his colleagues provides all the major film-studios  in Scandinavia with sound-design,  manpower and infrastructure

As  co-producer Roar handles the responsibility of managing budgets and production tasks steadily and reliably.

Roar, since the age of 15, has consciously been exploring realities and spiritual truths in many shapes and forms. Through the years he has been interacting with great teachers and spiritual guides from India, Hawaii, The US, New Zealand, The UK, and Denmark, giving him paramount insight into the challenges, the dangers ,and the possibilities a searching soul can encounter on his or her journey into the unknown. Roar is free from attachments to any of his former teachers and guides and has through the years realised one very important concept that sings in tune with his reality: There is not only one truth, not only one way. The universe consist of a multitude of possibilities and truths, and though one of them is personally appropriate, this is only until something better or more timely comes along to spark further personal evolution.

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