TREE follows the story of Neil Crummett, writer/poet, who, in an attempt to solve a personal crisis of purpose, has traveled to the island of Maui to confront everything he has ever believed about himself and the nature of being.  Desperate for redemption from a dissolute past, Neil has chosen to embark upon a perilous 49 day fast to find God, a relationship that has thus far been absent from his life.  Neil will sit with teachers, priests, sages, shamans, physicians, scientists, seers, and healers from various religious, spiritual, medical, and scientific modalities as they weave a tapestry of concepts to help him on his path.  Neil’s physiology and brain patterns will be measured as he quests toward spiritual awakening.

Above all TREE is a human story filled with triumphs and failures; a laugh at ourselves; an exploration that aims to answer the question of who we might become if we step outside what is comfortable, listen to what is within us, and ride the winds of uncertainty in search of a better self.

TREE is a story in which you will cheer, hope, dream, and cry…

…and most surely… laugh.

This is not your father’s search for God.

How it will work:

Diet in preparation for Fast:

For a month prior, Neil will begin systematically restricting his diet to prepare for his fast.  He will have a personalized tailored nutritional diet from professionals that will basically look like this: Four weeks out he will remove caffeine, alcohol, red meats, cheese and dairy, pasta and breads.  At two weeks out he will stop eating poultry, fish, and eggs, eating now only fruits, veggies, fruits, legumes, rice.  At about a week and half he’ll eliminate all oils.  One week out, he will switch only raw foods. 3 days out only juice, and then throughout his fast he will drink water and coconut water.  During this strict preparation time, Neil will also subject himself to a colonic and to hydrotherapy which should further cleanse and detoxify his bowels.  Throughout the fast Neil will be carefully monitored by trained professionals.  We are working with two different groups of doctors that specialize in fasts that will develop a system to measure the changes in Neil and allow us to know instantly if Neil goes into crisis.  The data we receive from these tests will help co-author a case study to be published in medical journals.


Meditation and exercise prep:

For the month leading up to the fast, Neil will learn various styles and methods of meditation, as well as low impact yoga, stretches, and exercise techniques.  We will document his conversations with individuals who have participated in long fasts to help guide him on his journey with what to expect.

Life under the TREE:

Neil will be visited by teachers of various religious, spiritual, secular, scientific, and medical modalities, granting him the fruits of their wisdom, giving him advice, and discussing his journey.  When not visited by teachers, Neil will have a steady regimen of meditation, prayer, and various spiritual practices to utilize each day.   Additionally Neil will be journaling his experience via pen and video, sharing how he feels emotionally, physically, and mentally each day of the journey.

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