Monthly Archives: February 2012

First draft of a a devotional…

Dear Absolute.
A devotional poem

You’re the only one who’s ever given me butterflies
You’re the one I’ve longed to meet, I can’t deny.
through calm and storm, you’re never there.
I want you in my heart and I can feel you in the air.
Despite my longing, despite my fears
I can only pray that I’ll meet you somewhere.

What happened to our relationship?
Why did you leave before we even met?
I want to worship but I cannot find your temple.
So I make of myself an offering
A sacrifice for an absent king
I’d kiss your ring if ever I could meet you.

Here I am, I give my life to you.
Because there’s nothing left for me to do
I’m starving for the lack of you
A feast of nothing under skies of blue