What do I need to make Tree happen?

I need a place.
I need coconuts.

I have a source for coconuts.
I want a place.

What do I need in that place? An insulated hammock or padded cot, a small shelter, mosquito netting. I need quiet, peaceful, calm, maybe some devotional music like singing bowls. It would be nice to have an extension to provide power so I could write my journal in my computer, but maybe handwriting would be best. I would like some warm blankets and clothes so I could keep warm when the weather gets cooler.
I might want someone to check on me periodically, but, admitted, if I went feverish, I wouldn’t likely notice that I’d been left alone too long.

Can you, will you help? Do you have a place? Know a place? Want to help?

Neil Crummett


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