The intention statement i promised myself. Tomorrow… the beach.


An intention statement

Neil Crummett

What I want is to sit under a Tree. I want some teachers, those with -please!- some wisdom, to take me up on my “free trip to Maui” offer and come and simply spend an afternoon with me. I want to listen to their advice and I want to follow it. I’ll live as casually cloistered as those beery monks. I’ll follow schedules. I’ll keep a daily log: weather, body, mind, spirit; each day gets one hour (I want an hourglass, too) because I’ll be writing the book, after.
I want to sit under the Tree and not eat; a religious fast like those of the prophets.
I want to relate, to have a glimpse of what’s seen through their eyes as they suffered in the name of something. I want to have a a moment of compassion for the lives so many saints and sages lived, not merely the ways they died. I want to do something difficult.
And then I want to write about it.
While I’m doing all of that, on a low-slung platform with a peek-a-boo view of the sea, but with sunsets painted by the ancestors of dead men, I want it documented. Western medicine doesn’t know a lot about fasting, so we’ll be monitoring me in the name of science. I want my friend, Ted, to direct it because I feel, after seeing his documetary, “Misdirection”, like he could understand and give universality to the story of a man searching for meaning. His last movie was about children, teen-agers, searching for meaning and finding it in illusions. I know enough about both sides of the God argument to find it poetically ironic: I want the magician to perform miracles, too.
I have Ted Wallach on board, Roar Skau Olsen (an a/v guy par excellahnce), Mark Matthews, and people with families, so many waiting to mobilize, waiting for the call. There’s Elijah who’s barking to bring me coconuts to drink from (300 calories a day according to Dr Bloomer {National Institutes of Health, donchaknow?} is in six coconuts), and there’s Dick Gregory, the guy from the seventies who fasted. Ghaddafi loved him. There’s Rachel, the hot yoga girl who’s ready to have her lessons with me filmed. This is gonna be great.
I want $40,000. I want $3500.00 for me, to pay my bills, so I have a home to come home to. I want the rest so Roar and that magical woman of his can work as crew and advisors, so we can get the effects (the time-lapse shots of me sitting in the same place, at the same time, wasting away, for forty-nine days, for example), the batteries and cameras, and rain gear for at least a couple of people. We need to house our experts but we’re also presenting them to the community in a lecture series we’ve planned for Studio Maui, so we’re definitely giving and giving back.

I want forty thousand dollars. That’s how much they assure me we can do it for.
I want to sit under a tree.

Humbly grateful,

Neil Crummett


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