I think most people are unhappy with themselves. I am.
I think most people think they’re not good enough. I think I’m not good enough.
I think most people get scared of living. I did.
I think most people sometimes wish for an end. I know I have.
I think most people want to be ok. I want to be ok.
Tree is my dream. I want to do the thing I’m most scared of. I want to face my life, at the risk of death, to find some intrinsic value in myself.
Don’t get me wrong; I’m a good person. I don’t hurt people on purpose. I’m remarkably gentle with animals and insects. Even good-natured bantering/posturing among friends, I’ll usually decline, letting the people who want to play their alpha games play their alpha games. Instead, I’m talking about ‘feeling’ good; being good is easy. It’s also meaningless, thanks to relative morality.
I want to feel good. I want meaning.  Is that so hard?

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