The word I have come to despise…


Book after book, chat after chat, dogma after dogma, I run into the word – almost always, nearly without exception, although religion has a dialect all their own and uses more worshipful words to describe the mystical experience of being – and I’m tired of it.

That word doesn’t nearly describe the perfect bliss of living a moment of supreme awareness with no fear of death. “Consciousness!”. I practically have to spit it out. How derisive can I be? “Consciousness!”.

We’re looking at one of the oldest objects in the known universe, a Quasar, a star that formed less than a billion years after the Big Bang, that period before time, when all the energy in the universe today crackled into existence, enought to fill our universe with 300 billion galaxies of 100 billion stars.

According to the literature, Buddha saw that Quasar first. According to the literature, Buddha saw the sizzling of atoms precipitating into existence, filling the void of space with hydrogen and helium, fuel for the first stars.

I lost track of what I was thinking about when I began this thing, the punchline I was going to connect the rant to, but who cares… Not me.



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