All I have is about twenty minutes. twenty minutes before I scoot off to over there, twenty minutes before I have to leave here.

It’s actually been the most satisfying thing about getting ready for TREE, this very useful cultivated feeling of leisure, this delightful lack of urgency. My mother’s voice is, of course, the one I choose to hear: quit squirming. Sit still. It’s a bit of a rebuke, a command, a criticism, but if there’s a piece of motherly advice I’m going to need to give attention to while I’m under the tree, that’s it. Sit still.

Although I still don’t know how to meditate, as such, I’ve read about it. Despite that being among the funniest things to say about meditation, what I’ve read about it tells me that my mother was, once again, tiresomely right. Start by being still. Another funny thing to say about meditation: I learned a lot about meditation from watching the Star Wars movies. Luke spends time meditating. Obi Wan meditates waiting for battle. Yoda’s one of those levitators. These guys meditate everywhere. And that takes us to the big lesson: You won’t find stillness over there. Not anywhere over there unless you bring it with you. And that’s a fact.



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